Cyberman born of Cybermanfan - Greeting Card

SKU: CARD00A60082

Greeting card, A6 size, with white envelope.

Subject: Lego and Doctor Who; how can that not win? Graffiti stencil of a very happy looking, mindless automaton baddie done in the style of a Lego mini-figure found sprayed on one of the piles of the former West Pier in Brighton. I couldn't find any of a Dalek or two, but they might under the Pleasure Pier.

Edit: So it turns out this is derived from one of the symbols the Cybermen used to use in the original series (the precise logo varied with the appearance; rebranding isn't just a wholly-organic human trait).

It also turns out that some people think this is an ancient Inca, or perhaps Peruvian, talisman; inventiveness is also a human trait.

Now available as a print or t-shirt.

Price: £2.50